Final Presentation:

Render: Form silhouette

Applying the Elito Diagram to our research.

Target Customer: Although we believe that anyone affected socially by the pandemic should be considered for this new design solution, college students participating in remote learning would be the best target audience. …

Revised plan following in-class presentation and comments:

Reading case studies on socialization during Covid-19:

Kano Diagram on current platforms mentioned in surveys(FB/Messenger, Zoom, Discord, Clubhouse):

Developed research plan.

Kano Diagramming

  • Why do people use that specific platform?
  • What features are most important to establishing user trust?
  • What apps/platforms do people use?
  • Using interviews to find out how students currently use their platforms and understanding their thought processes.
  • Testing key “must-haves” for what socialization platforms include.
  • Learn how current socialization platforms…

What are the research methods you are trying to implement to investigate your question?

Case studies, concept mapping, affinity diagrams, experience prototyping, kano diagramming, critiques.

How do you plan on conducting the study?

  • Interviews across multiple age groups and majors
  • Testing stripped-down experiences of popular apps
  • Testing what key “must-haves” for socialization platforms must include
  • Studying existing literature regarding remote socialization
  • Using interviews to find out how students currently use their platforms…

2/1/2021: Activity Reflection

Acting as a Speaker felt a bit awkward for me. I think that because I usually don’t discuss introspective thoughts in such a public setting, so I had trouble getting over the barrier of “letting people in”, especially peers who I wasn’t particularly close to. …

Project 2: Mixed Reality Studio Environment — What would the current studio space look like in ten years, facilitating both online, in-person, and hybrid studies?

Oct 4: Interviews & Personas

Who are the people I will be serving and what are the issues that I need to challenge the most?

I interviewed some classmates and…

E Mini Project 1: Hybrid Museum Exhibit

Sept 2, 2020: CMOA Visit — Searching for an Artist

Elizabeth Murray:
— known for shaped canvases & pulling human characteristics, personalities, and feelings through interaction of non-figurative shapes, colors, & lines
— bridged cubist minimalism & surrealist pop

J. Grantil Company:
— French design company focused on wallpaper patterns
— 1840-present

Holly Liu

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